Sunday, February 17, 2008

Got there...,just!

Another sub-three by the skin of my teeth.  2:59:35 gun time, maybe 30 sec better on chip time (yes, I was up pretty close to the front). Strategic mistake was to start needing a pee. By 15k there was no choice but to stop. That was 50 sec. Went through half in 90 min 30 sec. So for the first time I had to negative split and somehow pulled it off. It was amazing. There was a grey haired old man sitting on my shoulder urging me on. More later. Off to celebrate now!!


Scott said...

Fantastic Steve! Let's us know the details when you can. Congrats!!

If you could too let us know a bit about the build up to this, any factors that stick out, so to speak, I mean do you think anything you did this time made the difference in getting under 3?

Enjoy your reverse taper you deserve it.

Ewen said...

おめでとうございます Steve! Does that make sense? Google often does strange things with Japanese.

Great run mate - especially considering your multitude of problems in the lead-up. Must have been those Sydney runs that set you up for it ;) Impressive about the negative split - you can write the book on running sub-3s now. I'll be toasting you with a Coopers! Speaking of which, perhaps you should stick with this running game a little while longer.

By the way Scott, getting under 3 is easy if it's cold enough.

oldsprinter said...

Great to hear. Well done!

oldsprinter said...

Great to hear. Well done!

Dan said...

Congratulations on nice run!
Now enjoy some rest and celebration.

Dan said...

Congratulations on a nice run.
Now enjoy your rest and celebration.

Pete said...

Great job! Congratulations. Enjoy the celebration. I look forward top reading the details.

Tesso said...


Huge congrats Steve. Can't wait to hear all about the race. And the celebrations.

Hey, maybe you did a negative split because you were lighter in the second half after your wee stop :)

Clairie said...

You're either pregnant or your're not. Well not that it really applies to you but the saying remains......

You either get the time or you don't. You did. It doesn't matter if it was by a few minutes or a few did SUB 3 wooooooohoooooooo
SUB3 (hula hoop dancing whilst singing that!!)

Congrats and hope you managed to get those well deserved beers to assist with your recovery :)

Marco said...

Congratulations, Steve! Very impressive!