Sunday, November 11, 2007

The unbearable rightness of resting

Sorry, I have had that title in my head for a few days and just had to use it. I took yesterday off because it rained all day and my left foot was not good. Not good at all. I am having a hell of a time with skin problems on it. It all started two weeks ago with an ingrown toenail. I get these from time to time but they usually clear up quickly under a regime of hot water soaks and Savlon for a couple of days. But this one has really been persistent. It is finally starting to clear now, but there have been a few hurty runs. The real problem is that the bandaid for the ingrown toenail led to a blister under the 2nd toe. Then during last Wednesday's 4.4 km intervals a big blister started between the ball and arch of the same foot ... not sure why. During Friday's run the blister under the 2nd toe rubbed raw. That's why it was not difficult to convince myself to take yesterday off.

So with yesterday being a big fat zero, I was all set today for an important last, hard long run. I taped the blister under the 2nd toe and it was fine. But the tape caused a blister on the adjacent side of my big toe! And the blister under my foot flared up and was hurting with every footfall -- I was just hoping it hadn't burst (luckily it held up). But the run was going well, so I was loathe to pull out.

So blister pains aside, I ended up running 28 km and think it was a successful run. Mostly around 4:22 pace. But also finished pretty strong with a couple of faster last km and a feeling of there being plenty left in the tank when I finished. I had hardly any water and no calories since dinner the night before. (It was only 14 degrees, so the water was not an issue.) Heart rate barely crept over 150 just at the end when I was pushing it a little. It was just like a regular weekday lower aerobic run only...longer.

OK, so it was slower than race pace, but not that much slower. Fifteen to twenty seconds per km for the most. It was hard enough to give me a little stimulus in 12 days time, yet not so hard or long that it will set me back much. Some easy runs tomorrow and Tuesday. Some race pace intervals on Wednesday ... and we'll see how we go from there.

I see that Clairie has returned from maternity leave just in time to take up her duties filling me full of pre-race nerves! Thanks Clairie. It wouldn't have been the same without you!

And my new training partner Joachim has started a blog. Pop over and say hi!


Ewen said...

So I look at Joachim's blog to see how you should be running?

That was a good last long run, although I'm buggered if I know how you can do 9-lap courses for a long run! I still think it indicates 4s are not out of the question.

Thanks for sparing us foot photos ;)

By the way, good title. I have to agree - resting is unbearable!

Scott said...

Stephen watch that foot doesn't turn Gangrene. Seriously those things can turn nasty fast so its better to err on the side of caution and take as much time as need be until is is well under control.

You are so bloody fit now I reckon you could sit on your bum drinking beer for ten days and still not lose too much fitness. That is not a recommendation though!

Joachim said...

I agree with Scott adn Ewen. Get your foot back in shape. Running is not important for the next couple of days. If needed, skip Wednesday running but come to the Stadium and get the Malto. Stay calm, you're in great shape. Training is over, it's all about taper now (which by the way is'nt that easy ;-) )

Pete said...

I'm no expert but I think that feet are important in running, particularly marathon running.

Take care of your soles!

Rest your dogs!


Luckylegs said...

Instead of running, try tap dancing...might be less painful!

Hope you repair well & soon!

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