Friday, September 21, 2007

Third Hadd Test

Finally managed to get the data all entered tonight. And the result is...GOOD! Yes, I have become faster at doing the Hadd test.

Hadd Test: Average pace of last two laps
HR 20-Jun 8-Aug 19-Sep
135 na 0:05:15 0:04:53
145 0:04:50 0:04:37 0:04:30
155 0:04:17 0:04:13 0:04:00
165 0:03:54 0:03:54 0:03:43
175 0:03:44 0:03:43 0:03:38

Total running time for each test was: 43:20, 43:00, and 41: 06.

While the changes between 20 Jun and 8 Aug were pretty subtle, they were much more obvious this time round. The improvements at HR145 and HR155 are certainly very encouraging and match what I have been noticing in training at around these heart rates.

I have made some good progress, but still tend to think I might be a little soft in endurance at the critical 145 to 155 range of heart rates. I do need to keep working at running at these heart rates for a longer time, especially over these critical next few weeks when the temperatures start dropping.

Frankly I just don't accept that I can train myself to run a marathon at 165. Maybe it is physically possible, but 165 still feels like 5k/tempo pace...the kind of thing I could keep up for 5 to 10k, 20k maybe, but not the greater part of a marathon. Perhaps eventually, with continued persistent and methodical Hadd training, but it would take another three months at least and freedom from injury, which is the killer when trying to run longer distances at these kind of paces.

This time around the best I am can do is aim at getting myself prepared to spend a lot of time at HR155 and the kind of pace that will deliver. Based on the current status, that would deliver a very nice marathon time, but I repeat, I think I need a lot more endurance at that HR to come anywhere near a low 4:00/km marathon.


Scott said...

It's really great to see how you you're methododically training to run at such a good pace at such a good heart rate.

By doing this, and not leaving any stone unturned you will be mentally prepared for the up coming races.

I heard Steve Moneghetti say once that he trains so precisely that come race day he never has a worry that he can't meet his expectations and run well on the day.

Of course the day can throw up things to put you off but you'll be 90% ready for a good one.

MilesandMiles said...

congrats on the improvement in your fitness but i just wonder whether it is "safe" to infer from that test that you could aim to run a full marathon at HR155; in the same way the yasso 800s test, or using a predictor can mislead you greatly as to what pace you should capable of holding simply because there are so many ifs

Ewen said...

That test shows a good improvement.

You're probably not considering that you're carrying some fatigue from normal training, therefore 88% seems fast/hard. If you were taper for 2-3 weeks, the 165 might feel easier - not that you want to do this just to see if it's true!

Your short times indicate sub-2:50 is possible. We had a local 50-year-old who was running 38ish for 10k, yet ran 2:49 in Canberra one year.

Tesso said...

Is Ewen saying that if you keep this up until you are 50 you will do a sub 2:50 :)