Sunday, September 16, 2007

A solid week

133.5 km...

I think that was my longest ever week. Two years ago during my buildup I think the highest I got to was about 125 km. And this didn't really seem all that hard, in the sense that I felt like I was recovering from each run by the next day. Sort of. However I again struggled in the last 10 km of the 30 km long run today and feel a bit embarrassed about the slowness of the pace...I need to get faster as soon as the temperatures come down. It was warm today, but I'm also sure the legs were pretty full even before the start.

So in some ways I cruised, but I think all in all it has been a tough week and definitely a step up. So the most ambitious goal I could have for this next week is to consolidate. Do much the same and hope to find the hardest runs of the week, like Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, feeling just that bit easier.

Following closely the same plan as I posted last week, and getting much closer to it than last week, here are the stats:

Mon: easy 12 km in an hour (forgot heart rate monitor)
Tue: UA 18.5 km, 1 hr 22 min, HRav 143, 4:28/km
Wed am: LA 14 km, 1 hr 06 min, HRav 131, 4:40/km
Wed pm: 2.5 km easy, 5.2 km on track alternating 200 m at 5k pace, 200 m easy, total time 22:49, 4:24/km, average HRav 141
Thur: LA 16.5 km, 1 hr 13 min, HRav 137, 4:28/km
Fri: UA 19.5 km, 1 hr 25 min, HRav 141, 4:23/km
Sat: fartlek, 14 km, 1hr 03 min, HRav 142, 4:29/km (included about 6x500 m at 5k pace)
Sun: long, 31 km, 2 hr 47 min, HRav 133, 5:27/km
(N.B: The Blogger compose window needs a table function)

Definitely needed a nap this afternoon and my feet are feeling a bit weary tonight. I think I might be in need of new shoes. I'm also nursing blisters on a couple of the calloused parts of my toes, one of which is infected and rather hurty. I'm glad tomorrow is a holiday here. I'll do my recovery run in the morning and join a dinky little ekiden in the afternoon that consists of 1-km/leg.

Note to Robert Song: the runs on Tues and Fri are "hard" in the sense that it is really hard to get he body up to working at that level so early in the morning. I run what feels fast, but am still at HR137 or so, targeting 148-153. I hit the park I do laps at and have to really work it up an uphill section to get the heart rate up to 147 or so (by about the third lap) and then I can hold it there, but I admit, I do feel like I've worked darn hard by the end of the run. I know I could keep going, for sure, but not necessarily all over again at that pace. But I am not exactly running on fresh legs either and it is not race conditions...hmmm...anyway, we'll see how it feels in a few more weeks.


2P said...

Geez with mileage like that maybe you should be considering a multiday event ;)

Nice work mate - keep it going.

Christian said...

congratulations! that's all i can say at the moment... see you soon

Ewen said...

I can relate to "Sort of". Little wonder you were feeling it a bit on Sunday. Lucky you weren't running it with Tesso - she'd be jogging backwards waiting for you to catch up ;)

Good first 200/200 there. 25 laps of it would be 'interesting'.

That's 83 miles. I bet it gives you some sympathy for Mike's string of 90+ weeks.

Robert Song said...

Thanks for the clarification.

I don't feel you need to be embarrassed by the long run pace. I imagine you were giving those Level 12 muscle fibers a nice workout after such a big week.

Dan said...

Hi Steve,

Congrats on the week. But I think you dropped a three on the "Current Totals" bar on the side - it says 13.5 km. You should make sure you get full credit for a solid week of running!

MilesandMiles said...

Thats a massive week especially considering that you included many "quality" sessions... Be careful not to peak too soon...

Could you comment on what will be the main components of the last 2 months or so of your programme? Do you consider your conditionning phase over at this point?


Tesso said...

Wow, that's great mileage. And I just realised you don't have any rest days. Or am I missing something?

By the way have you changed your diet at all? Eating more? Or differently? Lost any weight? Not that you need to.

Stephen Lacey said...

Dan, those numbers are updated automatically by a script that links to my RunningAHEAD log. So I guess it had already clicked over to Monday and you were seeing the number from the next week. If you click on the link above "Current Totals" to "My On-line Training Log", you can see summary data and follow links to individual workouts, not hat I would necessarily expect that, but it is possible should you be bored out of your brain.

Stephen Lacey said...

Tesso, that's right. No programmed rest days at the moment. I am on a streak of 24 days straight, but I think I will be having to take one Thursday this week, partly because I need to be out in Tsukuba at 9:30 and partly because I just feel I need to give the body a little break (today's run certainly suggested so). I'm going to write a post about this shortly.

Stephen Lacey said...


Well, no I certainly don't consider the conditioning phase over. However I am getting close to the stage of having to do more speed work. Following the Hadd/Lydiard approaches I have already brought in a little bit of speedwork, like short intervals without much lactate accumulation and plenty of recovery. Starting perhaps next week I will begin to do some more specific speed sessions, probably mile repeats at about 5k pace and probably some shorter repeats & hills focusing on form. But through that, there will still need to be a lot of easy miles (miles and miles) and the long run will never go away. At one or two points as soon as we get some cooler weather I'll try to do at least one 25k run at marathon pace.