Monday, July 02, 2007

A new start

I bought some new Asics Gelfeathers, a pair of discounted New Balance trail shoes, a top, shorts and socks yesterday at Art Sports. So decked out in an all new ensemble this morning I had a nice easy to lower aerobic run of 10. 5 km at an average and pretty even 4:39/km. It wasn't hot, but the humidity was incredible, as it has been the last week or so, and as it especially is tonight. Sultry, muggy, steamy, oppressive. So while there was no stress at all on my legs, I was still a lather of sweat by the end.

It was a good way to kick off the first week of my new marathon buildup. Yep, 21 weeks until Ohtawara, and the training starts now. Feeling pretty good too because I am certainly in better shape than I was at the same time last year, and I don't think I really even thought about the marathon until August last year. So let's hope I get the buildup right this time.

I don't normally run on Mondays, but had to do my long run Saturday to free up yesterday for judging in the WanCup home brewing competition out in Chiba. That was very convenient for my anal retentive side because it meant I could get the log up over 300 km for June, whereas had I run Sunday, those km would have gone into July's ledger. Only just scraped in over the 300 too.

For the Saturday run I was up at 6:00 and out the door by 7:00. It was already quite warm and, yep, humid as hell. "Thank goodness I am not delaying this until later." I thought. I found it fairly tough going toward the end of the 21.5 km. Turned out that was about the warmest the temperatures got all day! It seemed to be noticeably cooler by 10, perhaps back up to the early morning temperatures around 1:00, but by 3:00 it really cooled off where it stayed until the next day. Very strange weather.

Anxiously wondering how some fellow bloggers went yesterday at Gold Coast ... just when ya ready fellas ;-)


Scott said...

Hey Stephen

Yes, strange weather isn't it? I've also started with that online system it seems good.

Did you read "Eagles" Gold Coast report? 58 years old and still breaking the 3hour mark. His way to train may have some answers for us.

By the way I'm sorry you removed your last post about "child abuse" it was spot on. I'm sorry that you are discouraged to write on "other" subjects on this blog but I hope you continue as your voice should be heard. I'm frankly tired of only reading negative and patronising articles.

Stephen Lacey said...

Scott, I have caught up on Eagle's result, but not yet seen his report. I guess I better subscribe to his blog or otherwise track it down.

Thanks for your encouragement about the deleted post. I have to admit that the lack of comments on the post made me think that maybe it was too close to the bone, or just plain mawkish. I wasn't sure, but either way, as each day passed, I felt that maybe I'd shown poor judgment in posting something like that.

Maybe the lack of comments just went to prove that we are indeed uncomfortable talking about this topic and that is part of the problem. One thing I thought after writing it, a canned message if you like, is that at some point we have to create a generation in which "we learn how teach our children to teach their children".

Ewen said...

Eagle's Blog - an interesting read Steve. He said he'd been doing 'more aerobic running' and had lost a few kgs when I spoke to him at SMH. He actually did the half as part of a 30+k long run in 89ish. I recall he'd been doing lots of kms - 130+ a week. Also, the famous 65k all-day run a week before the 3:04!