Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Back into the routine

I meant to post yesterday morning's run much sooner but just got too busy. Basically my stock standard Tuesday morning route to Komazawa Park with a few loops for 14 km in 1:03.

Average HR of 140. So a bit harder than Monday and heart rate drift was noticeable. It was meant to be lower aerobic, and the average heart rate definitely is, but late in the run I was straying into upper aerobic territory. I am determined to try and stop doing that so that a lower aerobic run stays in lower aerobic territory the whole way. Most important.

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Ewen said...

Yes, quite a different mid-set when sticking to a HR. Very undisciplined Steve ;) Perhaps ease off the pace much earlier?

Your mate Hadd reckons the low-end HRs are good value. I just think of Rosa Mota walking during long runs when her HR got too high.