Friday, May 18, 2007

An upper aerobic run & some blogger fun

I had yesterday off as two hard efforts in two days had left me feeling a little tired and leg weary. Better to recover I thought and run quality the next day rather than two junk runs. So got up early this morning and out for 12 km with 4k warm up then the next 8k at heart rate in the high 140s peaking at times in teh low 150s. Overall average HR for the run was 141 and the time 54 minutes.

And since someone is always trying something new with their blogs, here is a slideshow generated from Picasa Web Albums. The photos have nothing to do with running ... in fact they were taken by my brother and his wife when they visited Japan a couple of years ago ... hope he doesn't mind them getting a global audience here:

Hmmm... that seemed to work OK, though it is probably necessary to follow the link to the album to see the photos in all their full pixelated glory.


2P said...

I prefer to call them "recovery runs" than "junk miles" - mind you I'm all for rest days too ;-)

Ewen said...

100% beer. Thank goodness for that!

Nice number of photos for a slide show ;)

Tesso said...

Hmmm, the slideshow isn't working for me :(