Saturday, March 03, 2007

Recovered & re-building

It was lovely of Ingo and Pete to enquire about my well-being. Mental and otherwise. No, I haven't been chugging anti-depressants or eyeing off razor blades (if we had any to eye off, that is).

I've just been kicking back a little on the running front and also found myself up to my gills in work right from the day after Tokyo. I've also been enjoying a few beers and was happy to be able to start on a new keg of home brew, my Czech pilsener, right after Tokyo. Hmmm, beeer!

I found time to change my blog profile photo with something I pilfered from the official Tokyo photo site. I need to update "training for" etc gumph in the side bar but couldn't be arsed at the moment.

My running since Tokyo has been as follows:
Sun 18: Tokyo marathon
Mon 19: rest
Tue 20: rest
Wed 21: 5.5 km slow on the track.. a bit hurty.
Thur 22: rest
Fri 23: rest
Sat 24: 8.5 km, most of which was around 4:20-4:25/km...legs soon fatigued tho'
Sun 25: 12.2 km fairly easy (0:59:35) ... legs said that was far enough.
Mon 26: rest
Tue 27: 12.2 km fairly easy (0:57:55)
Wed 28: 15.5 km fairly easy -- legs got tired toward the end
Thu: 1 11.6 km did 5k m (Imperial Palace) of this in about 19:00 flat...just felt like going fast
Fri: 2 rest - back stiff
Sat: 3 12.2 km back still stiff, pushed it a little (0:55:13)...surprisingly high heart rate.

So the recovery is near complete. The hard 5k on Thursday was not without consequences. But it actually felt fairly smooth and easy for the most part.

I have other fish to fry. It is time to build back the km over the next couple of weeks. But I can't say too much about future plans just now. You will just have to keep an eye on the blog over the next couple of weeks.


Scott said...

Looking forward to hearing about your future plans, and hope you can come down here one day for one of your races, well as long as your plans don't include using those razor blades and springing a surprise entry to the "Osaka Women's marathon."

There is a really good/fast marathon in Miyazaki in early Dec. If you could swing a weekend off come down by train and we could catch the over night ferry down there for that. Just a thought? While your making plans that is.

Ingo said...

Whoa, 19min around the palace is a good clip! I do my laps there at 20min at the moments and smoke already all guys I come across. 19 must feel like flying!

Dig out a few races and convince us to join. I am so consumed by my 'base level test' etc. that I forget about the fun part - I mean not the racing but the beer drinking afterwards!

Tuggeranong Don said...

Stephen, good to see you have been getting some rest after Tokyo and that your recovery appears to be on track.

I am absolutely speechless...speechless! I just don't know what to say after your phenomenal comment and your bit of "doggerel" on my last post. I expected some comment about Maria's poem, but am also getting comment on my blog about your poem too! Two for the price of one - not a bad arrangement in my book.

Seriously, I am just stoked at what you wrote and will take your words along for the ride with me to Boston. Thank you.

Ewen said...

Don't bother with Scott's suggestion Steve. 2:52 wouldn't even get you on TV in the Osaka Women's Marathon.

You forgot to mention the hours spent honing your poetry skills!

I'll keep watching for your future plans. As it's probably too late for Comrades, I'll take a wild guess at the Gold Coast Marathon.

Oh yeah, Stand Tall Steve sends his best regards :)