Sunday, March 04, 2007

I suppose that's what they call a long run

Today: 32.2 km in 2:42:45

Last 5k in 4:30-5:00/km (average 4:40/k). That hurt.

Average HR: 139 ... much, much higher near the end. This was a run I was glad to finish.

But why am I doing this to myself?


zihuatanejo said...

It looks like you had long run in place of my legs! So I envy you.
I walked in the pool for one hour, backward, sideway. And swom the crawl only 50meters.

Tesso said...

I reckon I know why you are doing it to yourself, but I shall remain silent :-)

Thanks again for putting Carol on to us. Pat sure made her feel welcome on Thursday, and even hit her with the odd Japanese phrase.

Clairie said...

mmmmm six weeks to go Steve and then we'll find out why :)

Sounds like a good run - the good ones always hurt in some form or other. A test of our innner and physical strength!

keep up the good work, but remember you are still going to have that marathon in your legs!!

Scott said...

Why indeed?

Very bloody mysterious! That was a good run you did yesterday. I did 24kms on Sunday and did the last 10K in around 5kms per K and it hurt like a "mother."

You're a strong runner. You should think about doing another marathon soon to take advantage of your present fitness. I'd recommend you run the Canberra marathon on April 15th. Fast and friendly ;)

Tuggeranong Don said...

Everyone's being so cryptic. I think I will just say that I thought it was a great long run and I would give anything to be running 30+ in less than 3 hours at present.

Ingo said...

If it felt right it was right I guess. But even I wasn't tied up with some other running stuff I wouldn't be running long runs like this without a marathon ahead of me.

Hey, if you still cannot find a reason, try srping fever ;-)

2P said...

Good to see the recovery is progressing mate.

I give up - why ARE you doing this to yourself?

Pete said...

That's a great workout! You seem to have successfully recovered from Tokyo (the marathon).

I don't have an answer to the "why am I doing this to myself?" question. I was also always puzzled by the excess of leather goods you carry in your gym bag.

Ewen said...

Come on! Which marathon are you doing? If not, you are truly crazy for running that far so soon after Tokyo. Has writing poetry done something to your head?

Ewen said...

Your wife isn't allowed to know? I'll ask Stand Tall Steve - there's a rumour that he knows ;)