Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Running Doldrums

I have a very serious case of the yips. The doldrums. Not running much and feeling less and less inclined to. A vague sense of, well, I should get back into it is all I can seem to muster.

Today I am off to run TELL, a 10-k charity race around the Imperial Palace. My sole motivation is that it will get me out of the house and into my running shoes. My third run in about 4 weeks. I don't know where it goes from here.


Ewen said...

Time to get the whip out Steve, and thrash yourself into submission!

The thing about quicksand is, if you don't start dragging yourself out of it early enough, you sink to the bottom without a trace. We don't want to see that CR cap floating on the top of a lagoon of quicksand! Start dragging yourself out... NOW! It'll take a while, but the improvement during a comeback can be inspiring in itself. If not, you can look to Scott Brown, who aims to be running 34 for 10k at 53.

Arnaud said...

So you took 2months off after 2 hard marathons that's not the end of the world... Who knows it could turn out to be a good thing ! It is however time to get going again... Maybe train specifically for a new distance (mile, 5k)? or for a special race overseas?