Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ハセツネ30K Course Profile

I can see by the rush of responses to my last post that I have really grabbed your imaginations with this trail race. That's good. Let me feed the fury. Here is the course profile. OMG, just look at that sucker! I hate climbing steps...why oh why am I doing this???


Ewen said...

Oh yes, the two downhills are going to hammer your quads. I'll take a guess at 3 days before you can run again ;)

Scott Brown said...

I guess a lot of bloggers are away for Easter. You, being a heathen, probably didn't even know it was Easter.

That trail run looks just the place to break into a few tunes from the "sound of music." Good luck with it.

I'll seriously consider coming up in November for that race, thanks for the heads up, it sounds fantastic!

Jon in Tokyo said...

Good luck. It looks "challenging" !

Scott Brown said...

So....How was it?