Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beer Mile -- Mixed Success

Yesterday Gareth and Joachim staged the second beer mile in Japan. The last one was nearly 3 years ago on an evening with five competitors (I didn't run that time due to a bout of back spasms, a fate which, fate would have it, Gareth suffered this time). Yesterday there were some 14 competitors and we ran it in two shifts. I was in the second shift. In the photo below you can see me throwing down my can and setting off on the run after being the first to finish my beer. But the guy inverting his beer on his head, Chad, was obviously right behind me, and thus the stage for a hard-fought race was set.

I think I led Chad into the second beer station, but he got away first this time. We had a great battle through the race and were always within a few seconds of each other, though he pulled away from me a bit on the last leg as I struggled a little more with my last beer, and then had to slow my running pace a bit to stop my tummy from ejecting ballast. Chaddo finished in a superb 7:42 and I came in with a respectable 8:06. I was really hoping to break 8:00. At least my race didn't end in ignomony, and in fact 8:06 is good enough for 55th in the world in my age group...for now. A mark to be improved at the next installment I hope, though top ranking in the world in my age group would require some extremely fast drinking and my flat-out running pace! not very likely, yet I am sure I have some improvement in me. Ganbarimasu!

All results are here. Satohi was astounding with her sub 9:00 performance. Third fastest overall
and 35th fastest woman in the whole wide world! Yeeayy! Champions everywhere!

Big ups to Gareth, Joachim and Christiane for superb organizing!!


Ewen said...

Nice going Steve. Usain Bolt would be impressed with your start.

I think this is YOUR event. Brew a very light beer and refine your sculling technique.

It's one beer per lap isn't it? 3 or 4 beers? I reckon you're good for a 7:30.

Pete said...

Well done, Steve. Congratulations! That's a great time. What were your beer splits? I went :27;54;57; amd 1:29in the first ever beer mile in Japan. Even my first split was too slow. It seems that this was an area of strength for you.

Satohi is awesome! World class stuff.

Tesso said...

Huge congrats, ranked in the top 100 in your category is something to celebrate.

So how do you train for such an event?

PS I didn't think light beer (as Ewen suggested) was allowed.

Clairie said...

Okay so what have you been doing for the last month?? In the endurance cycle of your training for the next Beer Mile??