Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Move along folks, nothing to see here

Yeah, quite literally I'm afraid. Unless you like looking at expanding waistlines.

The Achilles still fails to become pain free. Yet, I think it has improved. I mean, I am hardly aware of it through the day, walking around, going hard up stairs, little run for the bus, and so on. But if I squeeze the little bastard it still hurts and it still has a lump in it. I think the lump has shrunk a bit. Not much, but a bit.

It is summer here now. That means our local outdoor 50 m swimming pool is open for a whole, wait for it, TWO MONTHS!! Yeeeaahhhyy! (feel the sarcasm) Two whole bloody months, and the rest of the time it sits idle. And the greatest crime of all is that it opens each day not at 5 am, not at 6 am, not at 7 am, oh no, not even at 8 am, nor 9 ... but at 10, yes, T-E-N AY EM! So unless I start work at lunch time that does not create a situation very conducive to getting in a couple of km before starting my duties of blinking at a screen for hours on end.

The gym got a second hand spinning bike type thing with a programmable function for setting resistance and time in multiple brackets. I had some fun on that for a while but haven't been back for a couple of weeks. Just too hot and I've tried to swim instead, 2 km at a time.

None of this is any fucking substitute for running.


Scott Brown said...

Man you sound as frustrated as a man with achilles problem in a Japanese summer.

I know what you mean about the swimming pools here. Next time I'm walking back from lunch to go back to work and I see a young housewife with wet hair and a towel drapped across her shoulders I'm going to scream ;) That is right after I headbutt anyone that looks vaguely like they're smiling in this 35degree/98% humidity weather!!!


I can give you some advice vis a vis squeezing things.I've noticed that if I squeeze my little bastard it tends to get lumpy too!

So don't touch it ;)

Tesso said...

How crap is that about the pool. So crap I will even forgive you for swearing.

PS Don't squeeze it and stay off the sweets .... works for pimples.

Ewen said...

I forgive you too. Just this once.

Mate, the pool at Cremorne Point is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year :)

While on the achilles, something worth asking about is a treatment for achilles a training partner of mine (60 years young) is having. It involves linked 'patches' that release cortisone. Apparently better than needles. He's been seeing a good sports doc, and it's been effective enough that he's back doing light track sessions.

I'll ask him more about it when he's back from holidays.

Luckylegs said...

Still thinking of you, Steve & hoping for a miracle cure for that f&$@*^+ achilles!

Pete said...


I feel your pain. Actually, I can't say that I truly feel your pain because you lost your Dad, changed jobs, AND injured your achilles (and therefore suffered the loss of your capacity to run) all in rapid succession. It's healthy that you write about what you are going through.

I wish we could discuss it over a pint(s). I'm not convinced that swimming is the weight management solution even if the pool were open when you (or anyone else who works for a living) could use it. Cycling might help. I'm bullish on walking. You'd love using a rowing machine--both the exercise and the scientific feedback--and it might be worth checking with the vendor who distributes Concept2rowers in Japan to see if there is a gym near by where you could use a rower. You can email them at : shun@starline.co.jp

But hang in there! Your injury is serious and will take a long time to heal but it is not career-ending.

Take care, Pete

Faithful Soles said...

I had a bruised achilles, so I can not imagine the pain you have. I actually took up swimming during that time, but was careful not to push off on the wall to aggrevate it more. I hope you continue to heal up well.